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Education: Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science

Weight Training Experience: 18 Years

Coaching Experience: 14 Years

Height: 5’10”

Bodybuilding Competition Weight: 194 lbs (in 2011)

Powerlifting Competition Weight: 205lb/93kg Division (USAPL)


After working as a personal trainer at various gyms from 2002-2004, I began working as on online coach in 2004 and have worked with clients from all backgrounds and training experiences, specializing in physique and strength athletes.


From 2007-2010, I was the director of Team Scivation, a free online coaching program, where I worked with more than 10,000 clients over the course of three years.


From 2010-2013 I restarted my own online coaching services as Beast Mode Personal Training. In 2013 I chose to change the name of my company to PR-BREAKER because the term “Beast Mode” had become so overused and generic and PR-BREAKER embodies the goal of my programs, consistent progress and improvement.

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